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Bihotzaren Gunea

Un espacio para el Corazón

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It teotihuacan the sacred center l @ s Toltecs, is located about 50 km from Mexico City. L @ ​​sToltecs knew the secrets of healing and spiritual transformation. The city dates back to the Third Sun, 20,000 years ago, which is remembered as an era of total peace and harmony by those who inhabited this sacred place. The ancient wisdom was kept in that location. That is, in more modern terms, we can access the quantum fields of information that lie in this incredible place and remember and connect with our essence. It is a location, a map, of an interior journey, from the dream of hell to the dream of heaven on Earth. An initiatory journey where there are. Since January 1992, the sunlight changed again, its vibration is different and includes more violet rays. We are living the beginnings of the Sixth Sun and we are witnessing the birth of the Sixth Humanity. We come from the Light and we are from God. Awake...